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"Adventure, experiment, learn through living"

About Us

Alison and Sam are a couple who most recently traveled the world for 6-months. We believe people learn best through living. Our website features a blog and podcast that focuses on our around the world adventure as well as lifestyle, health, and how to achieve bucket-list dreams. 


China – Going Without a Visa

I stood on top of the Great Wall of China, looking out over the green and brown mountains and witnessing the huge wall of brick and stone...

Japan - Bucket List Accomplished

At the beginning of Sam and my six-month journey around the world, we mapped out what countries we wanted to travel to. The problem was,...

India - It's Been Weird...

Now when I say, India has been weird, I know people might think, “Oh no! What happened?” To start, we accidentally joined a yoga cult,...

Kenya - The Piece We Were Missing

“And let me tell you something. That first morning, when you are in your country of choice, away from all of the conventions of atypical,...

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